The Horizon is NOT THE END

We have in our life, at one period in time, at least once, where we asked ourselves, “Where do I begin?”

I recently experienced rejection. My boyfriend, (now ex) broke up with me. He said I was too emotional. This is true. So at this post break up time, I’m dealing with so much insecurities I never knew was in my heart.

So I asked the Lord, “Where do I begin?”

I just realized one thing. The earth has no corners because it is almost round. There is no starting or end point. It will continuously revolve.

I was at the beach two weeks ago and I saw the horizon. I thought, “How much is out there?” Beyond the horizon that I can’t see, I told myself that maybe there is something more.

I AM FREE. I’m realizing since there is no starting point, then I am free to begin anywhere. I am free to search for what I want in life. I am free to explore the world!

I am an accounting graduate. But just 2 days ago, I was offered at my current company, a marketing position. At first I was thinking about the career path I want to have. In no way in my dreams that I will pursue a marketing role. This is not to offend our fellow marketers out there, but I am an accountant, not a marketer.

But realizing that I am free to start anywhere and there is no ending point on earth but only death, God is maybe on to something. I might discover what’s beyond that horizon if I go out of that i’m-an-accountant mindset.

So if you’re like me wondering if there is more, you are more than free to discover. Take that leap of faith. Start anywhere, it might take us everywhere.


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