A New Calling: Promotion

"Promotion comes from the Lord." I've always thought of this statement as something I can get excited about. Promotion, a thing I asked for the last prayer and fasting our church observed. I can expect that I'm not the only one excited to get something like this. It means greatness, good skills, and a higher … Continue reading A New Calling: Promotion



Isang salitang nais sabihin Isang salitang mahirap banggitin Maaaring lumabas sa bibig Ngunit hindi alam ang ibig Tunay nga na mapaglaro ang panahon Akala ko'y ito na ang pag ahon Sa sakit muling nakabangon Kasabay nito ay sa sakit na hindi naaayon Hihilingin ko ba na sana hindi na lang nangyari Ang pag iibigang akala … Continue reading Paalam


Dr Malcolm Sayer: What we do know is that, as the chemical window closed, another awakening took place; that the human spirit is more powerful than any drug - and THAT is what needs to be nourished: with work, play, friendship, family. THESE are the things that matter. This is what we'd forgotten - the … Continue reading Change